29 July, 2014
10:00pm-10:30pm  983 Pt2
Dr Joyce Meyer
09:30pm:10:00pm  Moment Of Transformation With Rev Mike Oko
Rev Mike Oko
09:00pm-09:30pm  Prophet Iginla
Prophet Iginla
08:00pm-08:30pm  Hour Of Deliverance
Papa Ayo Oritsejafor
08:30pm:09:00pm  Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol
07:30pm-08:00pm  Holy Jesus Mission
Ogbuiji O.Ogbuij
07:00pm-07:30pm  New Experience
Dr Chris Oarhe
06:30pm-07:00pm  God Fulfilled Mission
Dr Raymond Benson
06:00pm-06:30pm  Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol
05:30pm-06:00pm  Mama Helen And You
Mama Helen Oritsejafor
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